Vintage Reggae Café

CD 01

01.Blue Jeans - Natty Bong
02.Human - Sublime Reggae Kings
03.Somebody That I Used to Know - Freedom Dub
04.Back to Black - The Reggister's
05.Memories - Groove Da Praia
06.Set Fire To The Rain - Stereo Dub
07.Hello - General Soundbwoy
08.Love's A Game - Trippynova
09.Sexy Bitch - Various Artists
10.Pumped Up Kicks - Dual Sessions
11.I Won't Let You Down - Beluga's Trio
12.Paradise - Urban Love

CD 02

01.The Final Countdown - Groove Da Praia
02.Royals - Natty Bong
03.Ho Hey - Sublime Reggae Kings
04.Locked Out Of Heaven - General Soundbwoy
05.Love is Never Over - Beluga's Trio
06.Four To The Floor - Jamaican Reggae Cuts
07.Safe and Sound -  Vintage Reggae Soundsystem
08.Get Lucky - Stereo Dub, Melizza
09.Hit The Road Jack -  Trippynova
10.Good Feeling - The Reggister's
11.Ayahuasca Trip - Shamanic Dub
12.Strawberry Fields Forever -  Bristol Love, Rolla

CD 03

01.Every Breath You Take - Vintage Reggae Soundsystem
02.Don't Dream It's Over - Urban Love
03.Every Time You Go Away - Jamaican Reggae Cuts
04.Girls Just Want to Have Fun - The Reggister's
05.Sweet Dreams - Natty Bong
06.Take My Breath Away - Sublime Reggae Kings
07.Toy Soldiers - Groove Da Praia
08.Take On Me - General Soundbwoy
09.Woman - Freedom Dub
10.Beds Are Burning - Bristol Love
11.Rock The Casbah - Groovy Waters
12.Living On Both Sides - Beluga's Trio

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